Rajesh Bedi,


Rajesh Bedi began his photographic career in the 1960s, a time when the Indian wilderness was in apoor state, having been ravaged by generations of shikaris, poachers, land developers and pot hunters. This was a time when wildlife was extremely shy and reclusive, for to be discovered by manusually meant a blast of hot lead. Neither bird nor beast had the confidence of today’s tourist-zoneanimals, which have learnt to tolerate the jeeps and the people they carry, with their clicking camera sand excited chatter.

Vivek Ranade,


Vivek Ranade is a visual artist, illustrator &photographer. He has an illustrious record of handling variety of assignments in branding, photography and creative communications. In 1993 he established his independent design house “Vivek Ranade Graphics.” He has received many prestigious awards during his professional career.

Nayan Khanolkar,


Nayan Khanolkaris an avid nature photographer, who has been traveling the length and breadth of India to document Indian wildlife for over a decade and a half. A teacher of Biology by profession supplements his understanding of flora and fauna and animal behavior during his photography assignments. He has an acclaimed career of more than ten years in Bird photography followed by an opportunity to work on documenting big cats in urban areas.

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