Ankushrao Kadam

Chancellor, MGM University

Shri A. N. Kadam presently leads all the institutions under the aegis of Mahatma Gandhi Mission, as a Secretary and Chancellor of MGM University. He is one of the founder members of MGM Trust and is deeply committed to empowering society through Education. Today, the Trust stands as one of the leading educational & social organizations in the country with near about 70 constituent institutions working in its spectrum, across 5 campuses, and spread over more than 100 acres of land. The Trust had made an astounding evolution under the leadership of Shri A. N Kadam, a man with a cohesive and determined vision who kept on working for more change even after achieving guerdons of success in all the departments adhering the Gandhian thought, “We must be the change we wish to see.”
“It’s not a man that makes the vision, it’s the vision that makes the man,” hence he gave all of his efforts from the crown to the sole to make this Trust an all-rounder institution by considering not just the technical education but also non-technical and artistic courses for students having a passionate perspective for their careers. He is a great leader and a mentor for us not just because of his power but also because of his ability to empower others. Because of his efforts & keen interest, Mahatma Gandhi Mission has reached the present heights in the arena of Education, Service, and Research.

Prof. Dr. Sudhir Gavhane

Vice-Chancellor, MGM University

Prof. Dr. Sudhir Gavhane is one of the highly experienced and efficient acclaimed academicians with a post-graduate degree in Journalism as well as a Master’s degree in Economics. His Doctoral Degree is in the area of interdisciplinary Research of Media Economics in general and Monopoly, Duopoly & Oligopoly Newspaper Economics in particular.
As the proactive and passionate academic leader with missionary zeal he has made imprints in the field of higher education by note-worthy and meaningful contribution in the capacity of Dean, Director, Chairperson, Campus Development Committee, Professor and Head of university-level Department of Mass Communication & Journalism, Member Management Council and Senate, Academic Council, UGC appointed Educational Advisor, Research and Recognition Committees, Expert Member of School Councils and many more academic engagements.
He is associated with more than 50 universities in India in various capacities and a very strong network of National-International academics. He possesses three & half decade’s university level vast experience as the trendsetter academician and academic leader.

Dr. Rekha Shelke

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, MGM University

Dr. Rekha Shelke is a business-focused professional and has a wide experience in Academic, Consulting, and Marketing with an experience of twenty years. She has started her journalistic career as an Assistant Editor & Advertising Manager in Daily Lokpatra (Aurangabad).
As a prolific writer in Marathi magazines and newspapers, she regularly writes on contemporary topics. Academically she has presented more than 50 papers at various International and National Conferences & Research Journals. She has also participated in various All India Radio & Doordarshan Programs. Further her specialization includes Media Management, Event Management, and Public Relations.

Vinod (Baiju) Patil,

HOD, Department of Photography

Mr. Baiju Patil quotes from the legend Gerardo Suter, “I didn’t choose photography, but photography chose me.” His experiments with Wildlife and Nature Photography have earned him scores of laurels at a young age and his consistent dedication will definitely find new avenues. He has worked on various aspects of Photography and mastered the art.

Baiju is a legend while relating to wildlife, conservation of biodiversity, and nature’s manifestations of various forms of wildlife. He belongs essentially to a tribe which strives passionately to lead a different life. For almost three decades he has spent his time & energy in exploring the mysteries of forest, captivating ambience of the forests, and the company of ferocious animals and soft singing birds. As a photographer, his entire application has been towards sharpening the effects on all objects which are the focus of photography.

Baiju Patil probably is the only photographer with multidimensional proficiency in Industrial Photography, Product Photography, Portrait Photography, but Nature Photography remains his passion. One salutes his conviction that sustained a campaign through photographs for the protection of wildlife which would, in turn, ensure the protection of the environment and sustainable use of natural resources. He, therefore, becomes a champion of the cause for making our country safe and healthy for future generations.