Recent Events and Activities



At Department of Photography, a series of events are planned in every academic year to enhance the involvement of students, enrich their learning and skill development and make them industry ready.

  1. Inauguration of Photography department in presence of Mr. Vivek Ranade,

Mr.Nayan Khanolkar, Mr. Dinesh Kurhekar, Mr. Baba Patel

  1. ‘Wild Stories Exhibition was arranged on the occasion of Wild Life Week where various photographs clicked by famous wildlife photographers like Mr. Baiju Patil, Mr. Kiran Pardeshi, Mr.Rajendra Dumane, Mr.Anand Patil, Mr. Shreekrishna Patil, Mr. Deepak Hulsurkar, Mr.Nitin Sonawane, Mr.Raman Upadhaye were showcased.
  2. Department of Photography organizes workshops on diverse topics namely,
  • Nikon Workshop • Canon Workshop • Editing • Photography


In order to enhance the practical photography skills of the students educational tours are organized to Bhigwan Bird Santuary and Jayakwadi Bird Santuary for conducting the practical training at outdoor shooting locations as well as wildlife photography.



MGM Department of Photography boasts of being the only institute to provide unique Underwater Photography training for its students. There is exponential demand for underwater photographers as there are very few of them in the National and International arena. MGM Photography facilitates this rare opportunity for its students through first making them acquainted with underwater photography skill in swimming pool at MGM Campus. Once the students complete the theory and practical training they are given hands on training in the deep sea. After successfully clearing the post training exams the students are certified as underwater photographers.

The underwater photography training includes application of safety measures for oxygen cylinders, masks, swimming suit, clippings, Inhalers and use of hand computers during the process. This rigorous training prepares the student for an exciting and adventurous career in underwater photography. Mr Baiju Patil ,HOD Department of Photography is one of the globally acclaimed underwater photographer and that additional benefit will enhance the students learning experience. So be a part of this exciting photography field with MGM Department of Photography.