• Duration: 3 Months
  • Fees: Rs. 11,000/- + University fees


You’ve just bought your first camera. Congratulations!You’re at the start of an exciting and creative journey as aphotographer – a journey that can last for lifetime. However,those first steps can be a puzzling experience. Don’t worry.Every amateur photographer experiences same difficultyas you areand sometimes even the professionals. ThusMGM Photography has designed this certificate courseto guide you through the basic concepts and essentialtechniques that you need to understand in order to growas a professional photographer.All you need for this course is camera and a willingness tolearn and experiment with your photography.

Module 1: Basics of Photography

  • Introduction to Photography
  • History of Photography
  • Types of Photography
  • Camera Accessories

Module 2: Photo Environment

  • Lights
  • Mechanism of Camera
  • Types of Camera
  • Types of Lenses
  • Optics

Module 3: Photography Techniques

  • Exposure
  • Aperture
  • Shutter speed
  • ISO
  • Focusing
  • White Balance
  • Metering

 Module 4: Post Processing

  • Composition
  • Post Processing Techniques
  • Photo Editing and Manipulation
  • Ethical v/s Unethical Photography

Module 5: Project

Module 6: Internship

Eligibility And Requirements

  • Proficiency in English language.
  • Direct Admissions